friday finds

i’m not even going to pretend there’s rhyme or reason to this week’s list.  try to just sit back and enjoy the randomness of it all.

i came across some earrings by gabriela artigas in a magazine this month, became obsessed, tracked her down, and am now coveting at least half of her line.  she makes some of the most unique, edgy and wearable pieces i’ve seen in ages, but this vintage art deco sterling spheres necklace ($320) is by far my favorite. it has that perfect mix of hip and timeless, and i simply can’t think of an outfit this wouldn’t improve. time to start that birthday wish list, i think…

i’ve been dying to test out the latest from relastin, but had a weird fixation on finishing up my last moisturizer before i cracked this one open.  readers, i have no idea why i waited so long.  much like my obsession with their eye silk, the skin revitalizer has this texture that’s just indescribably luxe…kind of silky, and thoroughly indulgent.  if i were a millionaire, i’d use it head to toe.  it’s perfect for summer, as it’s not the least bit greasy or over-moisturizing.  and, looks like it’s on sale at amazon for $40! trust me…you so want to try this one.

stuart & wright is having a serious sale right now, if you’re into the hipster lines like a.p.c. and acne.  as i’m usually not, i was about ready to pass this one by until i spied these handmade sandals by ariana bohling, now marked down to the realm of the reasonable. decisions, decisions.  (incidentally, if you’re of the smaller foot set, check out the sale on ndc’s equally lovely summer sandals too.)

Picture 1Picture 4

and last but not least, this tote from hayden-harnett is just singing my song this week.  the tie-dye-ish chevron print is so fresh next to everyone else’s same old stripes, and i love that this has just a bit more structure than your typical summer tote.  plus, it doesn’t hurt that the line’s designer is an absolutely lovely human being…but you’ll be hearing more on that later.

Picture 5

have a great weekend, all…see you back here next week!

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