test case: stylemint tees

A few of you might have noticed my annoyance with StyleMint, as I vented pretty liberally on Twitter (have you noticed that social media has become the official place to whine?). But, for all of my customer service woes (not to mention my serious irritation with their response-challenged public relations team), I somehow managed to buy a tee to test out for the blog.

For those that don’t know, the basic premise is this: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen design tees, and sell them in a “club” setting. So, you pay $30/month, and you get one tee for that price, which has been selected for you based on your style preferences. Of course it would be easier to just charge $30 for the tees, but this gives them an air of exclusivity (each is limited edition, and new pieces come out every month). Plus, they charge you the $30 whether you buy a tee or not, unless you “opt out” sometime between the 1st and the 5th of the month.

Confused? Me too.

But, I somehow navigated all those waters and tried out the Prince tee, because I was in the market for a white crew neck tee to pair with my pretty, pretty Valentino jacket from the Outnet $2 sale madness. As we know, crew necks and busty silhouettes don’t mix…so I’ve had a hard time finding a winner.

Turns out, it was worth the work. The Prince tee is pretty excellent. Good shape, sheer without oversharing, and the neckline is sort of a wide crew, so it still shows a bit of skin, which is much more flattering. The cut is great, the fabric is soft, it washed well…two thumbs up to the Olsen girls. If I had one complaint, it’s that I’d be even happier if the tee were an inch or two longer, but then, I’m a tall girl at 5’8″.

So, the upshot: Not so great customer service, but good tees. In fact, I bought a second of the white Prince (if you find a perfect white tee, always buy in multiples!) when they launched a 50% off discount, good today only. If you’re at all interested in testing out StyleMint, it’s a great chance to try the brand, and it’s the first coupon I’ve seen from them. Use code SUMMER50 to nab the deal….just make sure you keep an eye on that account so you don’t get billed for September unless you really want the tee!

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