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It’s been a little too long since I updated you on the books that are keeping me up at night. Since I’ve had a bit more time than usual to reflect, I thought I’d offer up a little something for every part of your day.

You’ll want to start with Stylists, a beautiful new title edited by Katie Baron. It chronicles some of the best work being done by modern stylists, who are now more trendsetters than trend followers. You’ll get a voyeuristic look into the minds of people like Nicola Formichetti (Lady Gaga’s stylist), Tabitha Simmons, and my personal favorite, Anna Dello Russo. It’s high fashion at its finest, and while you may not be able to emulate the looks, they’re nothing if not inspiring. One peek is all you’ll need to counter that debate you have with your closet every morning.

I often explain to friends that, in my house, I’m the cook, but my husband is the chef. He convinced me to marry him by plying me with pork tenderloin en croute; in return, he gets meatloaf and chicken fajitas. Even so, most of the cookbooks I lust over are recipes destined for the chef side of things. So, I was pretty thrilled when The Best Casserole Cookbook Ever made its way into my kitchen, mostly because it’s packed with recipes I know I’ll actually make. They’re creative, but easy enough for a weeknight (with the added bonus of using lots of pantry staples). Plus, this time of year, who doesn’t love a cozy casserole?

I’m not much of a food blog expert, so I’d never heard of Joy Wilson when Joy the Baker Cookbook showed up at my door. But once I cracked it open, it was a matter of mere moments before I was smitten. Joy is a happily single girl, baking up a storm in her kitchen with the relaxed ease of a helpful big sister. If you take the time to read each recipe’s intro notes, you’ll want to make everything she suggests. I recommend starting with the cinnamon rice pudding.

Or, in my case, to keep you up past your bedtime. Lauren Groff’s latest, Arcadia, isn’t technically due out for a couple of weeks, but it’s worth putting on your Amazon wishlist now so that you’ll remember to buy it when the time comes. One of the best books I’ve read in months, it tells the story of life on a hippie compound-slash-cult, from the point of view of a boy born into the society. It’s the perfect unexpected perspective on a life I’m already secretly fascinated by. Maybe it’s the latent Mormon in me, but I love a good cult story.

So, tell me…what are you reading these days?

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One thought on “must reads: something for everyone

  1. kristina

    I’ll definitely check out those cookbooks – one of my favorite things to read! I’ll also be putting “Arcadia” on my list.

    I recently read, “The Language of the Flowers” and “What Alice Forgot”. I recommend both!

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