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Here’s a little something you don’t know about me: I’m a total kitchen equipment snob. I can spend just as much time in a Williams-Sonoma as I do at Nordstrom (okay, sometimes more). I have dreams in which I get the chance to have a total “do-over” on my wedding registry, and it’s nothing but All-Clad and Le Creuset as far as the eye can see. But the one snob-worthy piece of cookware I’ve never been able to track down? The perfect nonstick pan.

We all need them, no matter what those Food Network chefs make you think (oh, to have their team of kitchen minions, ready and waiting to scrub their little fingers to the bone cleaning piles of stainless steel skillets). But most nonstick pans are ugly, flimsy and temperamental. Can’t go in the oven, can’t use metal utensils, can’t cook at high temperatures. They’re temporary by their very nature – after a few months, those nonstick surfaces aren’t what they used to be, and in a year or two, the surface starts to fleck off in your eggs, and you’re stuck replacing the whole pan.

But I’m changing my tune, friends, because this gorgeous GreenPan wok is officially my new favorite kitchen toy.

GreenPan Barcelona Wok, via shopping's my cardio

You didn’t know GreenPan made pans this pretty? Neither did I. Turns out, they have a few Pro Series collections (this one’s from their Barcelona line) that are drop-dead gorgeous, my friends. But this pan’s beauty is way more than skin deep. You can heat this to the highest of high temps and it won’t flinch – helpful in many applications, but an absolute must for a wok. It gives all the gorgeous char of a steel wok (but cleans up like a dream), has as much heft and substance as my beloved All-Clad, and is just as beautiful to look at. (Maybe even prettier, since I can actually get the thing clean.) Okay, sure, I still can’t use metal utensils…but that’s really just a good excuse to expand my wooden spoon collection.

But the real praise? After cooking me up a mean stirfry for dinner, the Hubs declared the GreenPan wok “the bomb diggity”. High praise in boyspeak, I’d say.

Check out the whole Barcelona line on GreenPan’s website (or buy it here). The only problem? I’m already plotting to add the matching frypan to my arsenal.

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