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friday finds

Happy Friday, friends! Is it 100 degrees where you are too? Terrifying. So, you’ll forgive my brevity today if you picture me blogging on the couch with a hot laptop sitting on my legs. Let’s get straight to business!

Net-a-Porter got a new fall delivery today, and I’m choosing to ignore the heat by coveting a few fall goodies.

Cashmere two-tone sweater, Clu, $305 / Leather-trimmed cardi coat, Vince, $485 / Wool peacoat, Burberry Brit, $1195

Of course, in reality, that Vince coat might make me look a little like an off-duty judge. And the Burberry peacoat is completely the wrong color for a pale girl like me. But I still think they’re gorgeous.

But then I have to ask about this: are we really doing dickies again? Granted, this one is pretty hip. And it’s by Miu Miu. But still…dickies?

Sigh. I hope not. In the category of great sale finds today, if you happen to be a student, know a student or want to be unscrupulous and exploit the completely illegitimate code I happen to have in my possession (email me), you can take 20% off at Topshop this weekend. Just sayin’.

Koko ballet flats, Topshop, $80 / Rhinestone triangle set, Topshop, $18 / Epaulette silk tee (also in white), Topshop, $110

Our intrepid Details columnist, Kate, alerted me to serious fashion news: the lovely ladies behind Sigerson Morrison have finally re-emerged with a new line! Enter Pied Juste, being sold exclusively at Anthropologie right now. Get a peek and buy early – their prices are pretty well guaranteed to go up in future seasons.

Last but not least, it’s Pinterest time. I’m always looking for a new way to tie a silk scarf…I find them uniquely challenging. But the Duchess has it nailed here. I’m assuming she has staff to follow her around and ensure it doesn’t budge, as whenever I try this, it’s a constant struggle to keep it from slipping off my neck and into my cappuccino. Still, the result is impeccable. And if you want your own “official Olympic scarf”, you can find hers right here.

Have a wonderful weekend, all! Stay cool, and I’ll see you back here Monday, when you’ll get to meet the first of our new guest writers. Can’t wait to make the introductions!

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style stalker: kate middleton

Don’t worry, we’re not turning into a celeb trend site, nor are we morphing into a Catherine Middleton fan HQ. But I did sort of love her outfits on her tour de North America, and I think there are some lessons to be learned about how possible it is to look chic with just a closet full of staple items. Since I took the time to sleuth out where she found some of my favorite pieces, I thought I’d share.

Image via Racked…thanks, guys.

See what I mean? There’s nothing really exciting about this outfit – in fact, I’m guessing you have it in your closet righ now. But she’s picked pieces with a bit of detail that make them feel special, and take them to the next sartorial level.

Really, it’s the belt that grabbed me – it’s the one unique touch here. It gives a perfect pop of style and a bit of youth to her look, without standing out too terribly much. The design is by Linda Camm and (for now at least) is quite reasonable at $72. That’s practically a steal to own something a princess owns, don’t you think?

And then there’s that navy Smythe jacket, which is easy to love – I’ve fallen for more than my share of Smythe. This particular version just has a bit more style than some classic navy blazers – that little gold button at the side, and the cutaway vent in back – and does genius things to emphasize her (already very narrow) waist. Shockingly, it’s now sold out at Saks, Shopbop and Neiman Marcus, but I did manage to find a few at Singer 22.

Of course, if you nabbed the Canvas by Lands’ End version we talked about this spring, and spent a few dollars at the tailor for a button swap and you’d have a very similar version for about one-third the price. Just sayin’.

And then those infamous little espadrille wedges from Pied a Terre. I do love them – and god bless her for showing off a moderate heel without shame – though honestly, I might be a bit more partial to these from the same line:

What are you thinking about all this Kate-mania? I know it’s a bit much at times…but I admit, I kind of love all the princess crazy.  Her style is just so much closer to what I’d actually wear than, say, Michelle Obama (not to be unpatriotic…).  Plus, she still wears pieces we can (for the most part) afford. Who knows how long that will last, but I intend to get in on the action while I can.

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this just in: moda operandi

It’s taken me a while to introduce you to the latest addition to the fashion world:  Moda Operandi.  The reason is simple:  most of the brands they feature are the designs you see walking down the runways during Fashion Week…meaning, pieces are all in the four-figure range.  And I know how you love it when I torment you with things none of us can reasonably have.

But, today, they’re featuring Issa…a brand that’s gained serious notoriety as a favorite of Kate Middleton, and which is actually not all that expensive.  Since I’m way, way too excited about the royal wedding (is anyone else considering staying up to watch, or is it just me?), the timing was just too good to be true.

Launched (in part) by Lauren Santo Domingo, a Vogue contributor, major socialite force, all-around extremely stylish individual, the MO concept is this:  they provide runway shots of every look from the most recent show of the designer they’re featuring, and subscribers (you have to be “admitted”…which cannot very hard, as evidenced by the fact that they let me in) have the opportunity to pre-order pieces from the coming collection.  So, for example, they recently featured Alexander Wang’s Fall/Winter 2011 collection – you could look at the runway looks and pre-order any pieces you wanted.  They place the order directly with the designer, and you get the pieces in fall when they launch.  In that world in which you’ll Just Die if you don’t get the coat you saw on the model in look 37 of the fall Valentino show, you can see how this would be useful.  Or if you were insanely rich, and would rather shop the looks from the comfort of your computer.  You know, either way.

Since they’re typically featuring the highest of high-end brands, I generally just look for curiosity’s sake – I always find it fascinating to see what runway pieces end up retailing for.  But today, they’re offering Issa – and it’s actually worth a look.  This designer is generally regarded as the DVF of the UK….so, lots of wrap-dresses and other extremely flattering wares.  And the prices are, well, splurges, but not inaccessibly so.  The dresses start in the $400 range.  And with soon-to-be-Princess Kate wearing Issa’s designs nonstop, I can promise you most of these styles will be gone the moment they hit the racks this fall.  So, pre-ordering may not be the worst idea.

I’m particularly palpitating over these two looks:

Printed v-neck jersey dress, $400; Red dress coat, $850

Both of them are sadly just barely within the grasp of reality, which makes them extremely dangerous.  Especially given the fact that you only put down a 50% deposit when ordering…so it’s sort of like EZ-Pay on QVC.

Some other pretties that are worth showing:

Three-fourths sleeve wool dress, $538; Boat neck dress, $588; Printed floor-length skirt, $625.

Oh, friends, I’m sorely tempted, I must confess…and this whole 50% deposit business isn’t helping.  (Hmm, surely I can come up with $600 by August…that’s easy, right?  I’ll just order, and deal with the reality later.)   Plus, an Issa dress would make a lovely consolation prize for not being invited to The Wedding…don’t you think?

If you want to join MO, let me know – I have a few invites to share.  Or, of course, you can complete their little questionnaire process, and most likely get in that way.  It does make for some beautifully torturous eye candy.

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