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get gifting: at the spa

Good morning, friends! And welcome to our annual Holiday Gift Guide Spectacular! This year, I have a whopping nine guides for you, and they’re absolutely gorgeous (thanks entirely to my genius hubs, who made all of these pretty graphics for us!). I think they’re our best yet! When it’s all said and done, I think I’ll have covered absolutely, positively everyone on your list. I truly hope this will make each and every one of your holiday shopping lists a breeze, and your season a bit brighter.

Let’s kick things off with a few of my favorite gifts for the beauty addict. If she can’t hit a mall without beelining for Sephora, changes her nail polish color as often as she changes her clothes, and always has the inside scoop on the best new spa in town, look no further.

  1. The beauty gift that keeps on giving – Birch Box will deliver a box of product samples to her door every month, so she can test out the latest and greatest from her favorite brands. Birch Box beauty gift box subscription, from $30
  2. Bobbi Brown nails the holidays every year, but this petite little palette is one of my favorites. Eyes, cheeks and lips covered in a kit barely bigger than a box of matches. To Go palette, Bobbi Brown, $25
  3. I’ll admit, I’m mostly after this for the Peter Som-designed makeup bag. But it’s also packed with goodies from Clark’s Botanicals, which is a great bonus. Peter Som for Clark’s Botanicals travel kit, $59
  4. I’m officially obsessed with NUDE’s Replenishing Night Oil, which moisturizes beautifully without clogging pores. Her skin will thank you for months to come. Radiance Collection, NUDE Skincare, $78
  5. Tarte has a cult following, and any beauty addict will know their cheek stain is legendary. This kit gets you the classic shade, plus a few fab extras, all at a very gift-friendly price. Shining Stars gift set, Tarte, $25
  6. I love REN for holiday sets – they’re always so beautifully designed, and the products are every bit as good as the packaging. I’m a sucker for a great citrus scent, and their Neroli Grapefruit is one of the best. Neroli Grapefruit body duo, REN, $45
  7. This gorgeous gold compact is as luxe a gift as I’ve ever seen, and the subtly shimmery powder inside will have her glowing all season. Passion face palette, Clarins, $55
  8. This time of year, everyone’s skin is a scaly mess, but this Borghese scrub will make her limbs silky smooth, with a delicious citrus scent I can’t resist. Vitamin C body scrub, Borghese, $49
  9. Creme de Corps is a cult classic, with good reason. This limited edition package by Jeff Koons is pretty enough for her nightstand, and proceeds go to help rescue missing and exploited children. Limited Edition Koons Creme de Corps, Kiehl’s, from $29
  10. elizabethW has recently redesigned their entire line, and the new packaging is unbelievably pretty. This Cranberry Ginger scent is perfect for the holidays, but totally appropriate for year-round use. Cranberry Ginger perfume diffuser, elizabethW, $65
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friday finds

Happy Friday, all! It’s supposed to be sunny here in Portland this weekend, thank the good lord…we’ve earned it! So, let’s get right to the point so that I can head off and meet a friend for brunch (ah, the perks of working from home).

I’ve been loving Rebecca Minkoff’s new shoe collection…particularly these flats, which I very nearly bought last night. Should I have splurged?

And I’m pretty much completely in love with Kate Spade’s enamel bracelets this season, made even better by the cheeky little sayings engraved inside. We’ve officially passed “want” and are dangerously close to “need.”

Trouser jeans are everywhere this time of year, but face it – it’s going to be too hot very soon. When that day finally arrives, these chic inky linen trousers from Max Studio are going to be a stand-up stand-in. True, linen is awfully high-maintenance…but I think these might be just as pretty in their raw, wrinkled state as they are all pressed and perfect.  What do you think?

And last up, if you’re in a do-gooder mood this weekend, stop by your local Kiehl’s on Saturday. They’re partnering with Share Our Strength, an organization dedicated to ending childhood hunger in America, for an event that benefits everyone. Just for stopping in the store, you’ll get a 10-day sample of their Powerful Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate, and they’ll donate $1.50 per person to Share Our Strength. Plus, a few of the stores are hosting bake sales. Cupcakes, no wrinkles, and you get to feel good about your day.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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beauty buzz: kiehl’s ultra facial kit

i got a chance to test out kiehl’s new ultra facial kit over the past week, and i’m loving it so far.  there’s nothing fancy here – no wrinkle removers, peptides or diamond dust.  it’s just a simple, effective cleanser, toner and moisturizer system, and a steal at $24.50 (for the set, people!).  but when my skin is as unhappy as it’s been this winter, i’m thinking simple is in.  i liked the ultra facial moisturizer with SPF 15 best, as i found the ultra facial cream a little strong for day.  but using the moisturizer for day and the cream for night, i just might have my skin back in prime condition before long.

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get gifting: the glamazon

for the friend who can’t even be lured away from sephora by the promise of a venti pumpkin spice latte, here’s a list of goodies sure to make their holiday extra special.  i absolutely can’t pick a favorite from this run-down…i’ve tried several times.  but i will say that each and every one of these would be perfect for absolutely any skin tone or type, so you’re guaranteed a virtually error-proof holiday.  especially if you manage to track down that la mer illumating powder. or the bobbi brown eye palette. or the kiehls creme de corps, or the jo malone bath oils, or….oh, there i go.  best to get one of each, i think.  you know, just in case.

Creme De Corps 500ml 0006

Picture 8

famous favorites

Picture 2

Picture 4

Picture 19

left to right, from top: la mer illuminating powder (impossible to find online, but still in stores), $95; kiehls creme de corps limited edition by jeff koons, $45; duwop venom gloss candy box, $25; origins famous favorites, $59.50; bobbi brown day to night eye palette, $45; caudalie vinotherapie my spa escape, $34; jo malone bath oil collection, $85; ojon shine & protect winter collection, $39.

{FTC disclaimer: some product samples were provided to help me compile this guide, but as usual, there’s no pay-for-play here.}

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beauty buzz: kiehl’s photo age corrector

i was overly excited to see the latest kiehl’s product line, photo age corrector (wildly sexy product name, i know), show up at my doorstep.  we all talk about wrinkle reduction as the holy grail of beauty products, and it’s great, obviously.  but in the last few years, i’ve noticed more and more freckles sticking around long after summer’s gone…particularly on the cheek that gets driver’s side sun exposure.  it’s taken me a while to admit that they’re “age spots,” but really, what else could they be?

Picture 7

so, i’m hanging up my targeted wrinkle correctors for a while to try this out – after all, i can only use so many “spot treatments” at a time.  i’ve only been testing it for two weeks, and the products tell me to give them four, but i’m highly optimistic.  according to the people at kiehl’s, a whopping 92% of us will have a reduction in dark spots after 8 weeks, and those are odds i’m definitely willing to take.

kiehl’s launched a whole anti-spot treatment program with this line, which uses two different forms of vitamin c, light-reflecting minerals and loads of helpful botanicals to heal your skin’s sun damage and improve radiance.   i’m sticking with just the photo-age corrector high potency spot treatment ($49) for now…essentially just a spot corrector you apply wherever your “perma-freckles” are worst.  but they also have a special package if you want to try the whole line. according to them, you should have an immediate increase in brightness (i did), more even skin tone within 4 weeks, and a reduction in skin spots after 8.  fingers crossed!

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gift guide: father’s day ’09

EDIT:  i was duped by my mother wrong, father’s day is not this sunday, it’s a week from sunday:  june 21, to be exact. but still, it’s definitely time to come up with a creative idea or two to make dad smile.

this is actually my least-favorite gifting holiday…i just have dads (and stepdads, and granddads…) in my life that are tough to buy for.  in case you have the same issues, i thought i’d forego the traditional cologne, neckties and golf-themed goodies (i’m sure you thought of those all on your own) to give you a few ideas that should work for just about any dad out there – at a price point that shouldn’t break anyone’s bank.


(would-be) metro dad:  if your dad’s in desperate need of some facial TLC, my hubs swears by the men’s products at kiehl’s.  they’re not at all girly, and very effective (despite some cheesy slogan-ing that he enjoys mocking).  the facial fuel face wash, “ultimate man” body scrub soap” and brushless shave cream all win high marks from the hubs for being high-lather, clean-rinsing and very manly-smelling.  the energizing starter kit kiehl’s put together for father’s day contains most of the hubs’ favorite goodies, and is a gifting steal at $28.50. 

sentimental dad:  if he cried at your graduation, and never missed a ballet recital, a reprint of a favorite childhood photo from chic canvas is an absolutely perfect gift.  the folks at chic canvas tell me they’re still delivering in time for dad’s day, but snap to it.  just upload a photo (the two of you when you were a baby, a dad/daughter wedding dance photo, maybe even an old snapshot of dad playing t-ball as a kid), and chic canvas will print it on canvas, wrap it and mount it, so it arrives ready to hang.  i was lucky enough to test these guys out and, trust me, the results are guaranteed to impress!  prices start at $63 for an 8×10.

hard working dad:  for a dad who secretly loves his days at the office, indulge his inner workaholic with a little goodness from knock knock office supplies, a company that never fails to entertain me.  their “make it work” bundle is the perfect combo of ingredients to add a little levity to his work day, without going overboard.  for $30, he’ll get a to-do notepad, a set of “stuff to…” file folders, a weekly planner mousepad and binder clips to remind him whether he should “read”, “file” or “send” what he’s holding.  bonus points if you tack on a gift card to his favorite office-adjacent coffee shop.

travelin’ man: whether it’s for work or for play, this dad just can’t stay off an airplane.  i absolutely love this switchblade toothbrush from metaphys, which comes complete with three different heads and a leather case.  as the description says, it’s all very james bond…for under $60.  (while you’re there, check out the rest of the fabulous a+r store…dad gifts galore!)

classic dad:  if most of your dad’s stories start with “back when i was a kid…”, he’s probably a sucker for the simpler things in life.  this “back in time” alarm clock (about $45) is the perfect accent for his bedside table or office.  the sleek, ’40s style design will remind him of days gone by, and he’ll never miss his favorite NPR program again.

here’s hoping one of these ideas will fit the bill.  does anyone else have any no-fail father’s day ideas?  i know there must be dozens of other creative ideas out there!

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beauty buzz: superbly restorative by kiehl’s

if you haven’t heard about and/or tried the new superbly restorative collection from kiehl’s, get thee to your local kiehl’s store or counter, stat.  i’ve been testing out the line over the last few weeks, and i have to say, it’s pretty fantastic.

the product line is based around something called argan oil, which kiehl’s tells me is packed full of goodies like antioxidants, vitamin e, omegas, and all other manner of lovely things.  plus, it’s harvested by a women’s cooperative in morocco…so buying the products ends up helping out some very deserving women.  the entire collection offers great all-around moisture without an overpowering scent – just a faint, very unisex orange/cedar-y kind of thing.  

my favorites from the line, especially with summer drawing near, are the body cleansing oil and the dry oil.  the body cleansing oil is amazingly moisturizing.  it does require a leap of faith, as you can’t quite see it going on as easily as some cleansers.  but my skin is certainly softer, and it works wonders if used before shaving.

and the dry oil…well, the hubs would say i’m obsessed.  i use it on my hair to increase shine, and hide split ends and flyaways, on my skin as an instant moisturizer that needs zero time to sink in and do its work, on my face for especially dry days, and it does wonders for my cuticles.  hurrah for multi-tasking products!

head over and check out the entire line at kiehl’s – as always, i’m sure they’ll have samples galore for you to try, which is half the fun!

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happy friday!

it’s finally here!  dear readers, i need a weekend something fierce, so thank goodness it’s arrived.  so what, you’ll ask, will i be doing with this wonderful weekend?  brace yourselves…it’s exciting:


making a mad dash to target (this may even be happening today), as i had completely forgotten their loomstate collection released this week.  the idea of getting organic cotton loomstate tees for $15 has me over the moon, even if i am a little miffed that most of the dresses in the collection would barely cover my bum.


finishing my copy of the cheap date guide to style – a style guide written by the editors of a fab alternative fashion mag in the UK (called, not surprisingly, “cheap date”).  i’m only halfway through, but i absolutely love their take on fashion from all angles, and their “fashion is whatever makes you feel happy” mantra.  loads of interviews with style icons, self-esteem-improving tips – every time i start to read this book, i feel compelled to throw my fist in the air in solidarity. 


testing out all of the fab samples i picked up at a kiehl’s earth day event on wednesday (celebrating the launch of celeb-designed bottles of their superbly restorative body lotion, for which 100% of the proceeds go to the waterkeeper alliance.  i was, admittedly, there for the free cookies.) – it will be a weekend of scrubs, gels, serums and general moisturizing goodness.

and maybe, if i’m really lucky, a cupcake.

have a wonderful weekend, all!

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