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worthy splurge: oscar de la renta at the outnet

Oscar de la Renta for The Outnet, $995

In the event I’m ever invited to a glamorous, black-tie affair – one at which I can wear the most delicious, glowy, gossamer confection of a gown I can find – there’s only one man I’ll trust: Oscar de la Renta. Watch any of his shows, and you’ll catch the magic. Or better yet, take a look at the faces of any of his celebs on the red carpet. They’re positively glowing, triumphant in the knowledge that if nothing else, they’ve nailed the gown.

Alas, most of Oscar’s gowns are hilariously, impossibly beyond both my budget and my lifestyle. But lo! As is much too often the case, The Outnet has come to my rescue, concocting an exclusive collaboration with the man himself. It’s a bit more youthful, and a lot more cost-approachable than his standard ultra-luxe fare. The result is a mini-collection of pieces so wearable, so beautiful, and so perfectly Oscar, it’s hard to imagine they top out at $995. Still a splurge, I’ll grant you. But it’s one that’s actually possible (mortgage one of the kids, sell a bit of plasma, and you’re there). Read on

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friday finds: a glamorous morning

Happy Friday, friends! Today’s list is all about turning those dreary, dragging weekday mornings into something a little more extraordinary. Enough with fumbling blindly for our iPhones and staggering toward the shower…it’s time to add some glam to your morning routine.

Brace yourselves: I’m about to recommend a $6 shampoo. No, really. Heidi Klum has been schilling for Clear Haircare, so I decided to give it a try (celebrity endorsements: they work, people). And though I was the skepticalest of skeptics, I kind of love it…more than my usual $30 shampoo, in fact. I’m sure it’s packed full of sulfates, but I can’t even remember why those were so bad for us. As promised, it does a great job of improving scalp health – my hair sheds less, my scalp is less itchy on non-wash days…I’m a happy girl. Stick with your old conditioner, though.

Strong Lengths shampoo, Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy, $6

In some alternate reality, I’d spend the morning hours lounging in La Perla while my butler brings me tea. But the reality is, it’s a stretch to make much of anything feel glam before 8 am. But now imagine you wake up and make yourself tea in this mug, then add a slow drizzle of organic honey from your beautiful teak honey jar. I’m feeling more glamorous already.

Harabu House Gold thermo mug, $30 & Teak honey jar & stick, $38

It was like at first sight when I came across Lola James jewelry. Every piece is so easy – a complete no-brainer to wear or even to layer. And they’re so fun and cheerful, it would be impossible not to smile when you put them on. Then I saw the prices. Now, it’s love.

Luck Necklace, $45 / Protection necklace, $45 / Pebbles necklace, $45 / Smokin’ Hot bracelet, $30 – All, Lola James Jewelry

Nothing adds that final piece of cheery polish to an outfit like tossing on a gorgeous scarf as you head out the door. Our fabulous sale spy, Roxanna, introduced me to a new line, and I’m obsessed. I suspect you will be too. They have a bevy of beautiful options, but this sunset-inspired palette is easily my favorite.

m0851 modal/cashmere scarf, $295

And before you head out the door, a pretty, pretty Pinterest pick to put you in a happy mood: Oscar de la Renta, fresh from his spring 2013 runway. How can you help but be happy in the face of turquoise, feathers and tulle?

Oscar de la Renta spring 2013, via Style.com

I feel better already. How about you?

Have a great weekend, friends, and I’ll see you back here next week!

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random friday finds: fashion week edition

now that fashion week is behind us (let us all heave a collective sigh!), i thought i’d share a few looks that caught my eye.  not an exhaustive study by any means…but there were some pieces worth pointing out.

to sum up:  flirty little dresses, florals, ruffles and pastels galore (especially lilac and all shades of yellow), nothing new there.  more black, white and tan than i’d expect for spring – am i the only one who wants color when the sun comes back in april?  in other news, the jumpsuit seems to have exited stage left (thank god), and hemlines are finally inching slowly back toward the knee.  those bold shoulders are more subdued this season, which means they’re on their way out (another fashion blessing).  and blazers still abound, though not nearly as much as they did for fall.

the bad news? i spotted biker shorts throughout, and bare midriffs at thakoon (his dresses, however, were stunning).  here’s hoping they aren’t here to stay.

all photos courtesy of style.com

the moment i win the lottery, stop one will be at the oscar de la renta boutique for a beautiful dress.  there is simply no one who does what oscar does.  the shades of bold lapis, orange and chartreuse running through his show were a welcome change from the pastels, and i love that my favorite shade of blue will be the star of the season!

we’ll still be raiding the closets of the men in our lives, but i like the look much better for spring.  consider grabbing an old pair of your dad’s pleated trousers (the baggier, the better), chopping them off at the knee (your drycleaner can easily hem) and folding over the waist – you’ll have the chicest shorts in town, not to mention the cheapest!  from left:  look 8, isaac mizrahi; look 5, 3.1 phillip lim.

keep mixing those patterns – the anna sui show was one of my favorites of the week (i highly suggest a full view here), and the bold, crazy pattern-mixing was definitely the highlight of her show.

neither here nor there, and i normally detest the shorts-suit, but anna sui’s version is utterly perfect.  it would even be perfect as separates (note the shorts on the model in the pic set above).  definitely splurge-worthy!

last spring, it was all about pairing your floral sundress with gladiator heels to create the girly biker look.  next spring, designers have done the dirty work for you, and the results are undeniably feminine silhouettes done in big, bold prints that will make even the girliest ruffle feel bad ass.  from left: look 16, diane von furstenberg; look 12, proenza schouler.

so, that’s my take.  if you’re after a more serious synopsis, i loved refinery 29’s take on the hot trends from the runway.  and if it’s eye candy you’re after, i think love made visible did an amazing job picking the best looks from the best shows.

happy weekend, everyone!  and don’t forget our fab contest this week – entries close sunday, so get those comments in!

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