hardware review: barbar bt professional dryer

i admit…i was oh-so-skeptical about this one.  no matter how many people swore to me that tourmaline dryers were working wonders on their hair, i was convinced it was all smoke and mirrors.  not only that, but i have a pretty serious mental block about spending a lot on hair hardware.  when you can buy a hairdryer for $19.99 at target, why would i spend $160?

but, i’m always game to give something a fair shot, and i love my barbar flat iron so much that i was more than happy to give their dryer a try.  and can i just say, thank god i was?   because seriously, that $160 dryer i tried (the barbar bt professional) is going to save me at least 3 times that amount, by the time i add up all of the super conditioners, serums, oils, and other potions i was using to keep my hair from looking like a pile of straw. 

i can’t think of a single product i’ve ever used that has made such an immediate difference.  literally, the first time i used the barbar dryer, my hair went from soaked to styled in about 7 minutes.  when i was done, i was prancing around my living room, asking my hubs to feel my hair every 30 seconds.  all of a sudden, for the first time in a year, it wasn’t dry and dull!  it was shiny, and bouncy…it was like a freaking pantene commercial.  turns out, i didn’t need all of those super conditioners after all…i just needed to stop frying my hair every morning.

if you’re looking for the technical explanation, it’s something about the tourmaline emitting negative ions and infrared heat to protect your hair from the full force of hairdryer heat that it normally endures on a daily basis.  but to be honest, the science escapes me.  all i know is that it works, beautifully.  and, because it’s professional-grade, i don’t even worry about it burning out in six months (and it comes with a fantastic product warranty to back that up).

if your hair is misbehaving and acting out, i just can’t recommend the barbar dryer enough.  it just might change your life…or at least your hair.

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3 comments on “hardware review: barbar bt professional dryer

  1. shoppingsmycardio Post author

    it’s pretty light…i wouldn’t call it excessively, shockingly so. but my arm doesn’t get tired, and i’m a lazy butt as we know. i haven’t weighed it, though, so i’m going to have to trust their website on this one 🙂

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