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all in the details: turquoise!

{Editor’s Note: Welcome back, Kate! This column is turning into such a guilty pleasure for me…every week, I spot at least three things I have to have. This time, it’s the earrings, the wedges and…oh, who am I kidding? I want it all!}

Summer always brings about a season of excellent accessories, and amongst them always manages to emerge a plethora of dangling earrings. Perhaps it’s because they’re an excellent balance to an otherwise simple wardrobe of solid coloured t-shirts and shorts, or maybe an inclination to avoid heavy arms of bracelets and statement necklaces, to accent ponytails or messy top-knots. Whatever the case, from eye-catching chandeliers to tribal inspired stunners, fun shapes and colours always seem to be hanging from fish-hook posts through the lobes of my ears.

This particular pair from Anthropologie, going by the name Clustered Curves is a new favorite of mine. The minty-blue turquoise pearly beads backed by light-catching crystals are excellent. Physically light and striking a balance between bold and dainty, these earrings pack punch without draining dollars from your wallet.

Clustered Curves Earrings, Anthropologie, $28

The colour is what instantly drew me in. Offset by a very light and delicate gold, they’re an easy way to hop on the mint/turquoise bandwagon without investing in skinny jeans or a flirty skirt that also bears that particular hue. What I also find attractive about these is that the crystals are just enough to catch the sunlight…without looking ostentatious.

I quietly live in a state of just-beneath-the-surface fear of wearing inappropriately loud earrings, thus I’m usually inclined to steer clear of the chandelier shape, but these truly pose no cause for concern.

Given the polished feminine nature of the earrings, they yearn to be styled one of two ways. On one hand I’d opt for a navy maxi-dress (there’s amazing rope detailing on the back of this particular selection) and white denim jacket – and yet on the other a navy blazer, white tee, and (if you’re a little daring) mint shorts would be lovely.

Navy Rope Cowl Maxi Dress, Bloomingdales, $98 / Lindsay Optic White Jacket, True Religion, $196 /
Navy Linen Schoolboy Blazer, J.Crew, $175 / Mint Chino Shorts, TopShop, $50

With either ensemble, I’d keep the details the same: a bold ring or a fun stack of bracelets, a tan cross-body bag, and simple strappy wedge sandals. Pull your hair up and back into a messy-yet-pulled-together bun and don a lovely pink hue on your lips.

Bridgewalk Sandals, Madewell, $175 / Kiss Me Deadly Bracelets, Vanessa Mooney, $42 / Wixon Purse, J.Crew, $198 / Turquoise Slice Ring, Michael Kors, $85

The point is to let the earrings (and your equally sparkling personality) do the talking for the outfit. Minimalist but dazzling, poised yet playful – these are the duos of adjectives that people should be using…both with regards to the earrings and the darling dame wearing them.  ~ Kate

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all in the details: bendel’s classic bangle

{Editor’s Note: I’m thrilled to introduce the first of a few new faces you’ll be seeing here over the summer! You’ve met Kate (of the fantastic blog Anonymous Chicbefore, but now she’s here to stay with a weekly column showing off her favorite accessory du jour and how to make it work in your closet. Also, she’s Canadian, so she gets to do lovely things like spell “color” with a U. Give her a warm welcome, won’t you?}

Hi, I’m Kate! Like many of the readers of Shopping’s My Cardio, I’m a bit of an accessories junkie. Handbags, shoes, jewelry – my outfits more often than not revolve around the details as opposed to the actual fashion. But incorporating a new piece into your routine can throw any of us for a loop. So, every week I’ll be here to give you the how-to on making those little details the star of the show. I hope to leave you with plenty of inspiration!

In a summer full of stacked bracelets, rocking a wrist full of bling has become common practice. It’s a trend that I’m glad has become all the rage – as someone who’s been stacking bracelets since her mid-teens, the vast selection that’s now readily available adds a little extra glee to my shopping excursions. Which is why I was surprised to be drawn to this classic enamel bangle from Henri Bendel – it makes such a statement, the rest of the arm party is almost unnecessary!

Henri Bendel Rivet Enamel Hinge Bangle, $88

With its basic white enamel and gold patterned printing, its size makes it the kind of piece that can handle being a statement all on its own. It’s also an excellent multi-purpose piece that would be equally at home with a classic button down and slacks for work, or worn casually with a white tee and jeans for the weekends, when you need something to give that errand outfit a little extra oomph. The white and gold combination means that while still being relatively subtle, it transcends fundamental colour palettes and will work well with matching or mixed-metal jewellery. And darlings, it’s also hinged – which makes it a winner as you’re not required to dislocate the bones in your hands trying to slide it onto your wrist (especially if you’re like me and suffer from a disproportionate palm-to-wrist size ratio).

Now while it’s easy to pair with those aforementioned basics, where this bangle would really make an impact is with a trend that every store from Target to Neiman’s has picked up: brightly coloured pants. Whether it’s red denim or dusty yellow chinos, coloured pants can often prove to be the focal point in an outfit – which is why the details can often be a little tricky to balance. That’s where this bangle from Bendel’s does just the trick: enough of an accessory statement to stand up to bold bottoms, but not too busy to be distracting.

For the foundations of this outfit genre I’d go with great poppy-red cropped jeans (or whichever colour you’ve chosen to rock), a black or navy t-shirt, and a washed-out denim jacket.

Denim Jacket, Eddie Bauer, $80 / Piper denim in Flame, Talbots, $80 / Navy tee, Old Navy, $9

For the rest of the details? Counter the sweet bangle with a chunky gold watch, and a long pendant or a fine embellished chain-link necklace. Hair up? Go with some basic gold studs. Hair down? Some small to mid-sized gold hoops. Add a simple dark toned bag (coordinate with your tee) and nude-toned flats so as not to distract from the pants…

Fairytale Hoops, Gorjana, $40 / Forget Me Knot Earrings, Juliet & Co, $25 /
Pyramid Pendant, House of Harlow $65 / Layton Watch, Michael Kors, $250

Whether sporting a bold style trend or just adding a little oomph to classic staples, I always stick to the philosophy that with any outfit it’s all in the details. Looking forward to spending some time with you! ~ Kate

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friday finds (sort of)

I have been a derelict of a blogger this week, friends – forgive me? The truth is, I’m house-hunting (which you’ll know all about if you’re hanging with me on Twitter), and it’s not something I do terribly well. I can shop for just about anything, but the hunt for a new home stresses me out beyond belief. Finding the right place, in the right location, with the right amenities (hello, closet space!)…and no return policy?? Too much pressure for this girl.

But yesterday, I gave myself permission to switch gears for a few minutes, and de-stress by fantasizing about one of my favorite splurges: handbags! I’m nearing the danger zone with my Chanel bag fund…in which the purchase is actually within reach, and I’m starting to have serious pangs of yuppie guilt about spending that much on something. That said, look how pretty that “something” is:

This is the new Quilted Boy Flap from Chanel’s latest accessories collection. It’s pretty fabulous, right? And, don’t worry, not as shiny in person.

But, just for the sake of argument, I could also have any one of these pretties:

YSL studded Muse Two / Proenza Schouler PS1 (crazy, I know, but this girl is inspiring me) / One more Muse Two

Could you just die for that studded YSL? My heart skips a beat every time I see it.

Anyway. I could even add on one of these:

Michael Kors Benbrooke (a total steal, by the way) / Mulberry Lily (also pretty amazing in bronze)

And, in some cases, still have enough for plane tickets to Maui. You see my dilemma.

So, talk to me, friends. What would you do? One massive splurge you’d have for a lifetime, or multiple lovelies to make you happy for at least the foreseeable future?

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friday finds: my arm party

Do you know about the “arm party” phenom? Of course you do…stacked bangles haven’t been this big since Madonna. But I’m a little too, um, something, to rock the full arm of plastic bracelets like I did when I was 12. Plus, most of us have jobs now, that necessitate both typing and not looking like we just came from an all-night dance club, which means the full-fledged arm party just isn’t practical for most of us.

But that doesn’t mean you have to sit this one out. No, I’ve honed my arm party to a carefully-calculated science, friends – it’s the perfect balance between fashion and practicality, and I promise – totally, utterly wearable.

Here’s my formula:

{First my feet, now my arm…what’s next? Full body shot? Imagine!}

Yep, that’s my very own arm. See? It’s like arm-party-lite. It still makes the statement, while keeping your wrist free to conduct business as usual. Want the details on all that beautiful bling? Of course you do.

Those delicious gem-studded bangles are from Kara Ackerman – the green prehnite at the top is my favorite, with the rose quartz running a very close second. If you love them, you are going to loooooove the party Kara and I have cooked up for Black Friday (that’s what we like to call a “teaser.” You’re on the edge of your seat, right?).

The studded bangles, and that gorgeous rose gold leather wrap bracelet are all from Gorjana, a perennial favorite of mine for making luxe, on-trend pieces you can actually afford. That leather wrap is especially wonderful because it fits trim to your wrist. Layer it closest to your hand, and it will keep everything else from sliding down (and from banging on the desk while you type).

There are a few vintage bangles mixed in there, which you can find for about $1 at just about any thrift shop. And the sparkly crystal ones are from J.Crew, though I don’t recommend them as they’ve snagged about 800 of my sweaters.

Last but not least is the big chunky watch. Mine was my grandfather’s, so you can’t possibly get that cool, I think. But Michael Kors makes my absolute favorite menswear-inspired watches – if you don’t already have one, it’s a must. The big watch really anchors this look, and takes it from Material Girl to Thoroughly Modern Millie. Or something like that. Just make sure you put fitted bracelets on either side of the watch to protect it, or the watch will clunk around and end up getting scratched. Lesson learned the hard way, friends.

What do you think about the arm party? Are you ready to give it a try? Be bold, my friends…and mighty bracelets will come to your aid.

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the F&F motherlode: shopbop and saks!

Friends, I have two very exciting things to say to you.

First, drumroll please…it’s Friends & Family time at Shopbop!

And if that isn’t enough excitement…it’s also Friends & Family time at Saks! (Granted, there’s a monster list of brand exclusions, but it’s still a steal unless you’re in the market for Prada or Hermes.)

I hardly know where to start with all the fantasy shopping I’m conducting in my head right now. But a few pieces that may well make their way onto my credit card:

From Shopbop: Yarnz Chic scarf, $130; LNA knit pencil skirt, $95; Elizabeth & James booties, $350.

From Saks: Vince sweater coat, $395; Burberry shearling jacket, $1,195; Michael Kors cropped tweed jacket, $195.

I know, I know. The Burberry jacket is a long shot. But hey, a girl’s got to have dreams!

What’s on your shopping list? Whether it’s fantasy or reality, I’m dying to know!

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my fall must-haves, vol. 1

about this time every year, my brain transitions seasons…always a little earlier than the weather does (i blame my mountain of fashion mags, which have been tempting me with fall collections since june).  i suddenly find myself craving all things fall, even though the thermometer clearly reads summer.  so, i’ve been a bit at a loss:  do i drag you all into my fast-moving fashion calendar, or let you enjoy these last days of summer, dreaming of flip flops and floaty dresses?

for today, at least, i’m taking a step forward and showing off the pieces that have made the top of my must-have list for fall.  i fully expect additions to this list, but i know beyond a shadow of a doubt i’ll spend the next few months searching for the perfect version of each of these.

first up, it’s all about this outfit for me.  the slouchy heather grey v-neck, the camel skirt, and even that perfect waist-cinching corset belt.  as always, michael kors is classic perfection, and this look is the one i’m most excited about reliving for fall 2010.  (particularly since i think at least half of us already have the components in our closets!)

michael kors fall 2010 runway look 6, image from style.com

second on my list is the perfect pair of leopard flats.  true, leopard accessories are just about every “must have” list this fall, but i’d just like to say i’ve been on the hunt for these for months now.  to say i’ve searched high and low so far wouldn’t even come close.  it’s been agonizing.  i’ll share all the gory details later, but for now, just bask in the utter versatility and edgy chic of these little numbers.

image by garance dore

next up is the perfect (and i mean perfect) camel hair coat.  my mom bought a max mara last year, and i nearly died from the sheer wonderfulness.  this year, there will be even more styles to choose from, what with camel being the color of the season.  this is definitely going to be a splurge, but one that will last a lifetime.  cost per wear, my friends.

max mara fall 2009, look 1 (currently in my mother’s closet), image from style.com

finally, i’m so, so thrilled that classic, beautiful, wide leg trousers are back.  i can’t wait to dive into a pair in gorgeous charcoal wool, and maybe a second pair in that luscious camel i keep coming back to.  it’s not always the easiest look to pull off, especially if you’re shaped like anything other than a twig.  but we’ll come back to that, i promise.

celine resort 2011, look 14, image from style.com

and for now, that’s it.  these are the pieces i know will make my closet work hard for me over the next six months.  i have a feeling a belt or two may creep onto that list, and of course, the inevitable addition to my scarf collection.  but overall, this little handful of pieces is all i’m coveting for cooler weather.  the beauty of this year’s fall trends is that a few key pieces really can update so many things you already have in your closet.  i can hardly wait to show you how i’ll be doing it.

what’s on your wishlist for fall (so far)?

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our annual guide to the nordstrom anniversary sale

{editor’s note: don’t forget to enter our fab summer giveaway – a whole year’s worth of gorgeous stationery from hi, friend design, and all you have to do is leave a comment!}

it’s time to resurrect our annual guide to the nordstrom anniversary sale, after requests from a few of our dear readers.  i was lucky enough to shop the preview of the sale a couple of weeks ago, so i’ll be able to give much more guidance on fit and choices this year, which is fabulous.

for those that don’t freakishly stalk the nordstrom anniversary sale, it actually doesn’t start until tomorrow…but it’s best to check out the sale catalog in advance and order on day 1, before all of the best pieces are gone.  since nothing’s actually available for purchase until tomorrow morning (midnight EDT PDT, technically), we’ll be using the online catalog as our hymnal for today, which you can access here.  i’ll post page numbers of every item, where possible, so you can read along with me in your book.

now, on to the show!  in general, i was overwhelmed by the great apparel choices, and thoroughly underwhelmed by shoes, bags and accessories…so we’ll be spending more time on what to wear than on what to wear with it.

outerwear: for me, the best buy of the sale was a DKNY trench, down to under $100 (check it out at left, or on page 8 of the preview catalog).  i tried on the same style in a classic black burberry trench (also on sale, for $549), and the DKNY was actually a better fit for me.  so, at 1/6 the price, i didn’t have to think long.  but if you are in the market for the tried-and-true classic, this is definitely the perfect time to nab that burberry trench (right, page 15b, $549)!

Picture 12Picture 21

jackets: blazers were another amazing find at the sale this year.  my picks are the black rag & bone knit blazer (left, page 9), which fits beautifully (though beware – there are leather elbow patches that don’t suit everyone’s style…mine included), and two by elizabeth and james, which aren’t online yet – one in a grey flannel with beautiful pleating on the placket and shoulders (see crap iphone pic below, right), and the other is a classic black boyfriend blazer with ruched 3/4 sleeves.  both are instant classics.  all three ring in right around the $300 mark, but these are workhorse blazers you’ll pair with everything from suits to jeans, so they’re definitely worthy investment pieces.

Picture 13e&j blazer

the best bargain blazer is this red tweed cropped version from hinge (page 13, $89), which is just begging to be layered for fall.  but i would warn that this needs more than just a tee and jeans to work – you’ll want to add more texture in the way of necklaces, scarves, and maybe a contrasting tank over the tee, or you’ll look more barbara bush than kate moss.

Picture 15

if it’s a leather blazer you’re after, i like the two black options from kenna-t (page 15f, $299).  the military style (at left) is impeccably on-trend, but there’s something about that asymmetrical version (right) that’s just a little more offbeat, and original, making it my personal favorite.

Picture 16Picture 17

cardigans: the ruby autumn cashmere ribbed cardi (left, page 9a, $159) felt like a no-brainer initially – it’s one of my favorite cashmere lines, and the price is a steal.  but the fit across the back wasn’t perfect…i felt like it bunched at the shoulder seam.  but if you have narrower shoulder than i (not a hard bar to clear), the lines of this one are really beautiful on, and the color is a great foil for both grey and camel, which will be huge this fall.  but the classic i’m buying in at least two colors (grey and nude) is this long-ish halogen cardigan with just a bit of sheer fabric at the lapel (pages 28-29, $49).  i’m a little worried i’m not the only one who will stock up on it, but it’s just a perfectly classic cardigan, and i’m due for a few new staples.

Picture 14Picture 18

denim: it’s all so subjective, of course, when it comes to denim.  but i’m steering clear of skinnies for fall – i have a feeling wider legs are the future.  so, my favorite was the hudson straight-leg (page 21g, $119) – a great fit, just a bit lower rise than i typically go for.  if your waist isn’t absurdly high (like mine), these would be a great addition to your closet.

shoes: the only shoes i really fell for in the sale were the vera wang lavender rhinestone ballerina flats, in blue nubuck (page 10, $189) – but only if you’re a size 9 or smaller (in larger sizes, the rhinestone accent doesn’t cover enough of the top of the shoe).  it’s tempting to recommend the steven by steve madden covered wedge boots (page 40), but trust me, you’re going to be seeing those on every third girl you pass on the street for the next year.

accessories: all i’m after on this front is the michael kors men’s style chronograph watch, in silver (pages 16-17, $149).  still a bit of an investment, but one you’ll definitely get years of mileage out of.

Picture 19Picture 20

cosmetics: we all have our favorite brands, of course, and nearly all have stellar offerings for this sale, if you like buying pre-packaged sets.  i’m not a huge fan as a rule, but i will say that if you haven’t tried kate somerville’s exfolikate yet, pick up the set on page 57b – you’ll never look back.

so, that’s my take.  but i’m even more interested to hear what you’re excited to nab tomorrow.  share your favorite finds in the comments, won’t you?

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stalking the sales: neiman marcus steps it up for spring

neiman marcus is having a spring sale so good, it’s making me reconsider my longstanding boycott of their online store (a very long story involving a dispute over some ill-fitting prada shoes which had not been worn, i don’t care what they say.  but i digress…).  anyway, the sale is fabulous, especially with regard to spring shoes.  you get to take an additional 25% off the discounted price of everything that’s already on sale, plus free shipping at any price (with code SHOPNM).

if you haven’t splurged yet this season, may i suggest:

from left to right:  michael kors bristol wedge, $118 from $225; antik batik gladiator sandal, $108 from $215; loeffler randall brynn thong, $163 from $325; cole haan air phoebe woven rope sandal, $84 from $168; prada espadrille wedge, $193 from $385; stuart weitzman leather wedge espadrille, $163 from $325; tory burch lizard-print reva flat, $118 from $235; tory burch espadrille flat, $58 from $115;  joie wingtip flat, $149 from $198.

not to mention all of the lovely, lovely loefflers on sale, and some elizabeth and james stacking rings i’m seriously considering.

just don’t test out your new shoes on a hardwood floor…trust me on this one.

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