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q & a: talking summer scarves with nicole feix of lilogi


Leigh & Luca, Mary Katrantzou & Horiyoshi the Third, all available at Lilogi

Just because it’s summer, don’t think for a second that my scarf collection is on sabbatical. Frankly, I’m freezing darn near all the time – but there’s also that constant flow of A/C, chilly evening air and San Francisco’s highly unpredictable weather to contend with. So, while I might switch from cashmere to cotton, linen and silk, my scarves are still getting a serious workout this season. summer scarves

If there’s anyone I know who’s a bigger scarf addict than yours truly, it’s Nicole Feix. She’s the founder of Lilogi, also known as My Happy Place. It’s a fantastic online boutique entirely dedicated to scarves (and which, PS, has a pretty amazing sale section). She carries some of the most extraordinary pieces, with a flawless mix of names I know and love, and new lines I’m always thrilled to discover. She was kind enough to let me pick her brain about my all-time favorite accessory, and offered up all sorts of wisdom about how to wear, choose and store your scarves year round! Read on

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six fall scarves worth splurging on right now (and a few steals)

This morning, I put on my first scarf of the season, and I’ll admit – I was a little giddy about it. Sure, I love the patterns, the soft textures, the way they fall just so. But if I’m honest? Mostly, I’m excited because this brings me one day closer to the time of year when I can basically wear the same outfit every day. I add a different scarf and, not only does no one know, but I never fail to get compliments. I’m telling you, friends – get an arsenal of fall scarves together, and your wardrobe worries are history.

The trick with scarves is to go big and light – I’m talking huge, voluminous scarves with soft textures and stunning patterns. Why? Well first, the bigger the scarf, and the lighter the fabric, the easier it is to wear – just wrap copiously, and let the fabric drape the way it wants to. Next, look for big color and striking, intricate details. Adding color near your face makes you look younger – I swear, it’s true – and brings out your eyes in the way a grey cardigan sadly never will. Plus, when you’re wearing a work of art, the rest of the outfit just sort of blends seamlessly into the background. So, you can wear that black Vince tunic sweater three times in a week, and no one’s the wiser.

Sure, getting that oversized, light-as-air, gorgeously-patterned scarf often means a splurge…but I’ve snuck a few steals into the mix too.  Read on

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friday finds

It’s Friday and it’s a holiday weekend…is there anything better? I’m off to spend a few days with my family, so forgive me if I take a little extra time off next week. For now, I’ll leave you with enough goodies to keep you sated until I’m back.

First up, a winner for that wildly popular kate spade new york contest! You ladies love your bedding, that’s for sure. I’m always so thrilled when one of our giveaways is a hit like this, so thanks for that. Our winner is lucky number 7, Emily, who won with her Twitter entry @emma621. Congratulations, Emily!

Now, on to more pressing business. Like jewelry. Pretty, delicate, utterly-perfect-for-spring jewelry, to be precise. Amy Wing’s spring collection has me in palpitations, and not just because she’s a dear friend (and because her stunning lookbook was styled by our inimitable Trends Columnist). Particularly this Tiny Blossom lariat, which I’m envisioning as the perfect finishing touch for everything I want to wear all summer.

You may very well fall over when I show you this next find. It’s from Payless Shoes (I nearly fell over just typing that). But hey, even the bargain bins get it right sometimes, and this sweet strappy sandal is spot-on for summer. I love the grosgrain detail, the color-blocking, the woven wicker edging on the wedge (and a very reasonable 2″ wedge it is, by the way). In short, a very excellent summer shoe…for $39.

Remember those Athena Procopiou scarves with which I’ve been utterly obsessed this spring? Well, guess who has two thumbs and found one for half off? Yep…this guy! Best of all, I didn’t snag the only one for myself…get thee to Anthropologie stat, and nab yourself this beautiful thing, which is even more bold, bright and statement-making in person.

I’ve been seriously tempted by these Tribeca pants at StyleMint for the last few weeks, but was convinced I couldn’t pull them off as anything other than sweats. Then, I went to the hairdresser yesterday, and my stylist was wearing the cutest version of sweats ever: a black version of these pants, a cropped, elbow-length sweatshirt, and black suede ankle booties. Her hair was in a perfectly messy side braid, and the whole thing was so fantastic, I was distracted into getting my hair chopped about 3 inches shorter than I was expecting. If you’re feeling brave, this just may be worth a try.

Last but not least, I thought I’d start showing you my favorite thing I’ve pinned on Pinterest each week. Are you pinning yet? I’m itching to bust out a certain perfect black pencil skirt I bought last month, but it’s been too cold. This look might just be the solution!

{via Models Off Duty}

Have a fantastic holiday weekend, friends…don’t forget to splurge on a frosted sugar cookie (or two)!

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on my radar: athena procopiou

I came across Athena Procopiou‘s incredible scarves in one of my (too) many fashion mags earlier this year, and I haven’t been able to get her out of my mind since. You know I love a good scarf, friends, but these? It’s almost too much beauty to take.

Athena’s modern, ethereal designs have a bold, graphic quality that I just can’t get enough of. I’ve loved all of her collections, but her latest, Frida, is inspired by all of the beautiful, swirling colors of southern Spain – think flamenco dancers and Feria. They’re all made of a supersoft modal/cashmere blend, so they’re light as a feather, but still cozy and enveloping. Obsessed doesn’t begin to cover it. I’m dreaming of these scarves day and night, and counting the days until I can make one mine.

If you’re feeling flush, head to Net-a-Porter, Liberty of London or even Anthropologie (where, gasp, I just spotted one on sale!) to check out your options.

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