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art for every budget

Earlier this week, someone asked me for some tips about shopping for art – one of my favorite pastimes, as any of my Pinterest friends will know. One of the things about being a full-fledged adult is that I’ve gotten a lot pickier about what I’ll put on my wall. No more museum posters of fine art, no more cheeky word art (though, full disclosure, this one is still in my kitchen)…my taste in art, like in so many things, has grown up.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that I’m suddenly flush with unlimited cash, shopping at high-end galleries and shelling out thousands of dollars every time I want a little update. It just means I’m hunting a bit harder, shopping a bit smarter, and holding out for pieces that are really special. Thank goodness for the interwebs, which make all of this art so much more accessible than it was a few years ago. I thought perhaps I’d narrow down a few of my favorite sources for art these days, in case you’re in the market. Read on

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cozy luxury

Because it’s freezing cold and dreary grey in so much of the world today, I thought we could all stand to spend a few minutes fantasizing about warming up in style. Don’t you agree?

library house jessica helgerson

Is there anything cozier than a room full of books? One of my favorite designers, Jessica Helgerson, created this Library House, and truly, it is a dream cottage for any time of year, but especially when it’s cold and grey outside. (I highly recommend treating yourself to a look at the full gallery of images.)

Now that you’ve got a dream house to hole up in, you’ll just need a few more touches to keep things cozy… Read on

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must reads: november

I have to warn you: there’s only one fiction title on this month’s Must Reads list. Not that there isn’t wonderful fiction to be found – my shelves are groaning with books I’ve yet to read – but this time of year is when the really wonderful eye candy books start to appear. The best cookbooks, design books, cheery gift books – all things you’d want to give someone for, say, a holiday that’s coming up on you faster than a freight train. I’m holding a few back for the holidays, but some are just too good to keep from you for one more moment.

Just promise me you won’t let the shortage of traditional page-turners deter you – whatever their genre, more than a few of these books are just begging to be read cover to cover.   Read on

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make over my house: the organized office

I’m in the midst of completely redoing my office (which is also my library / guestroom / furniture storage area), and my inner OCD is really coming out to play. Normally, I don’t have a modern bone in my body when it comes to decor, but suddenly all I can think about is minimal, white spaces, no clutter, and a hyper-organized office. (I blame our recent downsizing…clutter is contagious when your square footage is suddenly cut in half. Read on

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friday finds: summer projects

Happy Friday, friends! Well, it’s happened: we’ve come to that time in the summer when the days are long, and my ambition is high. I have so many summer projects brewing in my tired little brain, it will be a real miracle if I can settle down long enough to make one or two of them happen. Specifically? I’m so glad you asked. Read on

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kickstart my friends at comma workshop

Comma Workshop Kickstarter, via shopping's my cardio

I am so very, very excited for the Comma Workshop team! Remember them? They make those stunning quilts I showed you a while back, covered with quotes, verses and other beautiful things with which I am entirely, completely obsessed.

Well, in the hopes of starting a new, lower-priced collection (so that the rest of us can have one of their breathtaking designs), they’ve launched a Kickstarter to fund the collection, so that they can do it right (sumptuous fabrics, fair wages…you know, important things). The first new collection features Thoreau’s Walden, and it is – predictably – perfection. Read on

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