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styled alternatives: my off days

dear readers, i’m officially sick of winter. i’m sick of the constant drizzle, i’m sick of the wind, and – this is how you know it’s bad – i’m sick of my fall clothes.

it’s true.  the moment i feel that first crisp chill of fall, i race for my cashmere and my boots, and i layer my little heart out.  i’m a model of multi-toned, multi-textured goodness.  it’s a bit of work to put those multi-element ensembles together, sure, but i’m so excited to have my fall clothes back, i can’t resist the challenge…in fact, i relish it.

fast forward to the first day of march, and it’s enough.  i’m exhausted!  i’m still freezing, but all of my styling mojo is completely out the window.  and so, until spring rolls around, i’m afraid you’re going to see a lot more of me in ensembles that could only charitably be called socially acceptable outside your favorite gym.  fortunately, i’ve tracked down a few lounge basics stylish enough to brave the elements without thoroughly embarrassing myself.

naturally, we turn first to alternative apparel.  they are my definitive go-to for slouchy, comfy, casual pieces that i don’t have to feel guilty about wearing out of the house.  i spotted their slouchy eco-heather pullover the other day, and it’s an absolutely perfect, thin-but-warm fabric, body-skimming-but-cozy cut.  and it’s not cropped, for which i’m grateful.  bonus: it would be lovely layered over a striped button-down, if i ever get the energy again.  for a considerably larger sum, i could also nab this gorgeous vince cowl sweater (odd name, as i don’t see a cowl anywhere).  it’s considerably more polished, yet would also work wonderfully well with my sweats.

as for the trickier bottom half, these days it’s a good day if i reach for my most cozy, soft, broken-in jeans – my joe’s socialites, to be precise.  the rest of the time, i’m yearning for a leggings-worthy body, but as that’s not coming any time soon, i’ll grudgingly substitute one of the following:  my gap denim leggings (no, i will not use the “j” word), but only to be used in combination with a hip-skimming sweater and tall boots (the combination is key); or my alternative apparel lounge pants.

(a few notes about the lounge pants.  first, i realize it’s really not okay to wear these out.  particularly if worn with the matching alternative apparel sweatshirt.  that would be weird, even for me.  however, try the lounge pants with a slightly fitted, tunic length cashmere sweater, and i think you’ll find yourself sorely tempted to at least give “lounge chic” a try this weekend.)

as for styles, i personally prefer the chrissy (center) if i’m cold, and the eco-heather long pant (right) if i’m not.  both are insanely, unbelievably comfortable, and guaranteed to almost make you forget to care how you look leaving the house in sweats.  that reminds me…i need a new pair of those eco-heathers.

as for shoes, it’s all i can do not to leave the house in my ugg slippers (no, seriously…the other day, i got halfway to peet’s before i realized i was still wearing my slippers.  in my defense, i did immediately turn around to go home and change.  but still.)  so, i’m leaving a pair of these patagonia maha slip-ons by the front door, as a reminder to consider trading up to a considerably more respectable option.  these weigh literally nothing, and are as comfy as tennis shoes without the bulk, the laces or the soccer mom stigma.

rest assured, you’ll be hearing this same speech in august, when i’m so tired of my summer clothes, i’ll be regressing to nothing but tanks and short skirts.  but for now, do you have any words of encouragement to get me out of my style slump?  or are you suffering too?

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friday finds

happy friday, dear readers!  i hope you enjoy this week’s collection…i may not be able to stop myself from buying nearly all of this week’s finds, but fortunately, i think i’m priced out of at least one.

i got an email that my lovely le train bleu is celebrating its ninth birthday this month (by offering 30% off sitewide! code is “number9”), and couldn’t resist a stroll through their virtual racks.  it could be these amazing photos, but i’m going absolutely crazy for this bande a part coat, and have been trying to convince myself that adding just one more to my closet can’t possibly hurt.  it’s not a lie if you believe it.

loving this mod reinterpretation of a classic strand of pearls from etten eller. you could pair this with the preppiest of looks to give it just a touch of downtown edge, without letting go of your uptown roots.

i noticed this ruffle cardigan in the gap recently, and did a double-take because it seemed so out of place.  it reminds me so much of a piece by clu or 3.1 philip lim or alexandar wang, but there it was, right in the middle of the gap and selling for $79.50.  they’re calling it a cardi, but it’s really more of a jacket to my eye.  what an amazing transition piece for spring…jeans and tees now, obviously, but how sweet layered over a floral dress in the summer, as a fashion-forward alternative to the biker jacket everyone else will be wearing.  that hazy purple is still around in stores…but i’d move fast.

and last but not least, did you hear that john robshaw had designed some pieces for lucky brand jeans?  as usual, his block print fabrics are utterly dreamy to look at, and i confess that i’ve always wanted to swathe my entire body in one of his quilts.  these new styles will be considerably more chic than wearing a quilt, and unbelievably perfect for summer.  my favorite is this tunic dress – i’m dying to be a tunic girl like tory burch.  i’d never wear it solo, as i am not 17 or a runway model.  but i do love it styled with denim shorts or a slim pant.

have a great weekend, everyone…and happy valentine’s day!  i hope you have the good sense to buy yourself some chocolate and flowers in celebration…that’s what it’s all about, after all.

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friday finds: sugar, shine and stripes

welcome to this week’s friday finds!  i have a pretty fabulous weekend brewing…tonight kicks off the greek festival here in portland, an event i wait longingly for every single year (mmm, gyros and baklava!).  and later, hubs is whisking me off for an overnight shopping excursion to seattle (barneys! club monaco! madewell!)!  so, without further ado, let’s get this show on the road so i can start making my shopping list.

i’m a little too excited about these baking books by the talented duo behind baked in brooklyn…when the box from the publisher arrived, i actually squealed.  but with good reason: their first book has been on my wishlist for ages (if only because in it, they divulge their now-legendary brownie recipe), and their newest title, baked: explorations, just released this very day, and promises even more high-calorie wonderfulness.  now that fall weather has settled in, my kitchenaid mixer will be coming out of hibernation, and i can hardly wait to try out some of these recipes. what can i say, they had me at “peanut butter crispy bar.”  (or was it at “ginger rum molasses cookies”? or “red velvet whoopie pie”?  or…)

i wasn’t sure i was going to show this one off, as i’m still hoping to take a closer look at these pricey pieces before i fully commit (and drag you all along with me). but while i’m waiting, and can’t resist showing you all this initial necklace by jennifer zeuner any longer.  i’m obsessed with the antique styling, and i think it would be the perfect ‘wear every day’ piece to layer with longer pendants.  the price is a little daunting (ahem, $760), but those are real diamonds, and i’ve scoured the web without coming up with a single adequate substitute.  with fall’s new trends heading back toward classic pendants, this one is high on my list for number one.

last but not least, we’ll be talking more about the gap next week, but i tried on this mariner top last night at the store, and it’s well worth your $34.50.  it’s made of a very thick, sturdy knit, and fits like a dream – a better, more tailored version of the infamous saint james shirts, but at less than half the price, this is a no-brainer.  oh, wait…did i mention you can take 25% off today with code GAPSAVE?

have a great weekend, everyone!

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this just in: the gap’s spin on fashion history

well, this is exciting!  it turns out that the gap is sponsoring the latest exhibit at the metropolitan museum of art’s costume institute (running through august 15, if you’re lucky enough to hit manhattan this summer).  to celebrate, they’ve released five limited edition tees representing some of the most famous eras in fashion.

they’re all pretty fabulous, but my favorites are “the suffragist” and “the gibson girl,” both of which have already secured a reserved spot in my closet.

i just love the cut and styling on all of these pieces (check out the draping on “the screen siren”) and, at $29.50-$44.50 each, these limited editions are definitely going to go fast.  nab yours now, before they become real fashion history!

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the gap: suspiciously inspired by…

maybe it’s just because i went from looking at steven alan’s new spring arrivals to checking out the latest at the gap, but i couldn’t help noticing some pretty striking ‘inspired by’ pieces in the gap’s spring line:

are you seeing it too?  not that i’m complaining…i actually love that breezy plaid/floral thing, especially if you put them together – and layering contrasting patterns is going to be huge for spring.  i can rarely afford to splurge on the real deal at steven alan, but most of the gap pieces are under $60.  even better, this week you can score 25% off all new arrivals with code GAPNEW25 through sunday (2/21).

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happy thanksgiving! and some travel-worthy finds…

well, dear readers, i’m leaving on a jet plane…off to quarrel with family, eat too much stuffing, and most likely have a nervous breakdown when i see the crowds at whole foods. ah, the holidays…

i’ll be taking the rest of this week off, and that means you’re on your own for black friday. something tells me the 600 emails you’ll get from your favorite retailers will tide you over, but just in case, this is a pretty excellent roundup of what’s planned for the big day. also, shopbop is having a spend/save event running friday through monday – the deal starts at $50 off $300, and goes up from there. use code GIFT4U to score the deal.

i’ll be back for “cyber monday,” which should be awesome this year, if my sources are correct. naturally, i’ll keep you posted.

for now, i’ll leave you with a few things i’ve been meaning to share, in the form of my mandatory packing list for this week:

i am oh-so-excited to brave the frozen tundra of my homeland this week, knowing i get to cozy up in the inhabit cardigan of my dreams. my love for the brand is well-documented, but this piece might get the coveted ‘favorite of all time’ title. you knew i was after a camel cardigan this fall, and this one is the winner. the color is really more caramel than camel, and has some amazing details – including two-tone detailing at the hem, rolled pockets, oversize cuffs, and just a generally toasty warm coziness i can’t get enough of. most definitely a worthy splurge in my book ($495 – yes, i know…), though i’d keep an eye on their site for cyber monday (hint, hint!).

i’ve been sorely in need of new basic tanks for the longest time, and haven’t been able to find something that was exactly what i wanted: a scoop neck that’s more alluring than athletic, high arm holes to ensure no unnecessary exposure, and a length long enough to work for layering under sweaters. tall order, i know. so, when i found the pure body tank at the gap the other day, i bought every color in the store. the fabric is fabulous – close-fitting and soft, without being overly clingy. and the price is definitely right: $10 each if you buy two or more. which, trust me, you should.

Picture 1

my skin always misbehaves when i head home. it’s so cold and dry there, i end up with scaly patches that are, well, unsightly at best. but my secret weapon this time around is foolproof. i’ve been besting clarins’ new multi-active day moisturizers, and i am so very pleased! the day cream is actually thicker than my night cream, which does an amazing job of guarding against winter winds. plus, it’s built for skin about my age (ahem), when wrinkle-reducing needs are just starting, but radiance is key. once i get home, i’ll switch to the lighter version that contains spf, but while i’m gone, i’ll rely on the heavy-duty version (adding my spf a la carte, of course – that’s a must!) to get me through the week unscathed.

and, last but definitely not least, i need a completely engrossing book to let me escape from everyone when i just can’t take another second of family time. i happen to have already finished this one, but philippa gregory’s latest, the white queen, definitely fits the bill. gregory’s books are my harry potter: guilty pleasures i thoroughly enjoy, and can’t wait to buy when a new one hits the stands. the white queen is back up to her earlier standards (after a couple of recent disappointments), and it looks to be the start to a new series about the war of the roses. it’s fantastic, and utterly guaranteed to whisk you away from even the loudest family fights.

and, with all of that, i’m packed and on my way – i’ll see you monday. happy, happy thanksgiving, everyone…and may your pants still fit on friday!

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random rant: garance doré falls into the gap…without me!

i’ve been a fan of fashion blogger garance doré for so long, i can hardly remember not thinking she was the coolest person ever.  perhaps even more than her gorgeous photography and hysterical fashion insights (both of which stop me in my tracks), i love love love her sketches.  i actually emailed her once upon a time, asking if she’d ever start selling them – but the answer was no (sadly, i only heard back from her assistant…how cool would it have been to hear from garance herself?!).

now, be still my heart, she’s released two tees bearing her lovely sketches for the gap’s 40th anniversary extravaganza.  perfect, right?  but no…still, they elude me!  problem one: they’re only being released in london.  problem two:  there are only 69 of each tee available for sale.  it’s like the universe is conspiring to keep garance and me apart!

and so, i’m just going to say it.  dear gap:  surely you can do better!  what about us poor saps in the states who, i don’t know, have been loyal, devoted gap fans (mostly) for the last 40 years.  how about some love for us?

think my plea will work?  sigh. me neither. but if you do happen to be in london for this amazing event, check it out on my behalf, won’t you?

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styling your summer frock: the how-to

i’ve been meaning to show you all this dress since i fell for it a month or so ago at anthropologie.  this might just be the most flattering, most versatile summer dress i’ve come across this season – though the photos on the website just don’t do it justice.  well worth your $98 for the accessorizing options alone, but the fact that this manages to simultaneously enhance the decollette, hide tummy troubles, provide a miniscule waist (even if you don’t normally have one) and be ultra-comfy makes this a definite must-do for summer.

if you stop by the store, they also have the dress in a stunning, universally-flattering shade of cobalt – my personal favorite.  but the gold and periwinkle are really lovely too.

sadly, i actually ended up returning mine…it’s best on ladies 5’7″ or shorter, unless you either have a super-long torso or are riskier with your hemlines than i am.  but if the growth chart fits, you absolutely can’t go wrong.

i loved it paired with that fab leafy necklace i showed you recently and some studded gladiators, but i was also planning to pair with…

a loose, unstructured vest (left open, please) and the biggest, baddest chain necklace i can find, and perhaps even…

a boyfriend blazer and booties, come fall.  ooh, or a leather moto jacket (as long as the length worked…keep it at least a couple of inches below the waistband on this one!).

of course, most of these styling ideas will work with whatever your favorite summer dress is this year…after all, it’s nearly time to start thinking about those summer-to-fall styling options.

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